Keep your notes with youanytime, anywhere.

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Offline first, markdown, attachments, revision history, and structured


Create notes and sync them to mobile, tablet or pc.


Team up and add members to the workspace


Integrate content into your website or app

Keep your notes safe and accessible

Get the most out of your workflow—and stay productive no matter where you are. Prodtype lets you save notes on any device, even when offline. Seamless syncing makes sure you never miss a beat, so you can focus on what matters most—getting work done.

Markdown Editor

It uses a simple text editor with Markdown features such as headers, links, images, bold, italics, lists, quotes and code highlighting.


Attach other notes or images for reference.


Visualize your notes in tables, menu tree, flash cards, and gallery.

Revision History

Notes have revision history and can be reverted to a previous state.


Create templates to define required fields and attachments for notes.


Notes can be consumed into a website or app via API.

Take notes anywhere.