Task ManagementStay organized and productive

Keep track of all your tasks and stay on top of your schedule with a personalized Task Manager

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Plan out today's tasks and stay organized


Quickly reschedule overdue tasks and ensure nothing is left behind


Review upcoming tasks so you can plan ahead


Offline first, markdown, attachments, revision history, and structured

Stay organized and on top of your tasks

Keep track of everything you need to do and stay on top of it all with Task Manager. Plan daily tasks, organize what’s overdue, and schedule future tasks—all in one place. Don't let your todos slip through the cracks with Task Manager.

Reschedule overdue tasks quickly

With Task Manager, you can reschedule any tasks quickly with the calendar tool. That means more time for you to stay on top of your tasks.

Daily Tasks

Get today's tasks and plan for overdue or upcoming tasks.

Stay organized with a tailored view

With Task Manager, you can tailor the way you view your tasks and stay organized. View tasks in a daily format, scrollable schedule, calendar, or flat task list—it's all up to you. Feel empowered to stay on top of your projects with the perfect view of your workload.

Schedule view

Review completed, overdue and upcoming tasks in a scrollable calendar schedule.

Make life easier with Task Management.