Why Prodtype?

Prodtype is a platform to enable the best workflow for your day-to-day process. It is your daily task manager and note-taking knowledge base. Why is it essential to manage tasks and take notes? It's vital because managing a task list and taking notes daily will help you define and iterate your workflow. The daily iteration will allow you to record the steps required to achieve your goals. These steps can get improved or shared with others to make you more efficient and productive.

Benefits of Task Management and Note-taking

  • Increased productivity - Task and note-taking notes can help you stay organized and focused, allowing you to get more done in less time.

  • Improved time management - With a task list and notes knowledge base, you can easily track your tasks and prioritize them according to their importance. This helps you manage your time more effectively.

  • Enhanced collaboration - With a task list and notes knowledge base, you can easily collaborate with your team and share information. This helps you stay connected and get things done faster.

  • Improved memory - Task and note-taking can help you store information in an organized manner, making it easier for you to recall and use the information when needed.

  • Increased creativity - Task and note-taking can help you organize your thoughts and ideas, allowing you to devise creative solutions.

Creating tasks and taking notes can help you increase your productivity and reach your goals faster.

What App Exists?

There are many types of task and note-taking apps available. The most popular ones are:

  • Task managers - Task managers are apps that help you prioritize your tasks according to their importance. They can also help you set reminders and track your progress. Popular task managers include Basecamp, Asana, and Trello.

  • Note-taking apps - Note-taking apps help you store information in an organized way. They also allow you to add images, audio, and other content to your notes. Popular note-taking apps include Evernote, Google Keep, and OneNote.

  • Knowledge management software - Knowledge management software helps you store and organize all the information related to your business. Popular knowledge management software includes Notion, Confluence, SharePoint, and Google Drive.

If there are so many great options, then why build Prodtype?

The Problem

Each app does excellent at either one, task management or taking notes. All of them require you to follow their workflow and do not allow you to define what is best for you. Task managers expect you to follow their defined project management workflow. Note-taking apps have limited functionality. They are all great if you want to use their defined workflow and not have to come up with your own. If you're going to implement your own workflow, it typically means fighting with their system, creating workarounds, finding other tools to integrate with, or developing your own integration. This means you spend more time finding other apps, using their defined workflow, and implementing workarounds to get your workflow implemented. Does this sound efficient and productive?

Why Prodtype?

Prodtype begins with you by facilitating the task lists and note-taking. You can eventually establish your workflow as you keep track of your tasks and build your knowledge center with notes. This workflow can be implemented into a notebook which will systematize your steps and help you refine your efficiency and productivity. As you progress, you can share the notebooks with your team, so they can begin productively and continue to modify your workflow so that your business can maximize efficiency and productivity.

Prodtype's Future

Prodtype's vision is to enable everyone's workflow. Starting with the basics, we intend to grow with our users, offering them task management and note-taking to help them begin defining the most effective parts of their workflow. Through this, we strive to make our platform adaptable to any workflow, so our users can maximize their productivity.

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